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Side by side refrigerator

Refrigerator Battle: Side-by-Side vs. French Door

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  • French-door refrigerators have a bottom freezer. Obeying existing health problems can be made worse by bending down to get at the freezer. Even for people without problems, this can be painful. The side-by-side fridges make it easy to access the freezer and refrigerator.

The side-byside French doors are considered more sophisticated and elegant than the top-freezer refrigerator. The fridges look very similar on the surface.

If you pay attention, they’re not exactly the same. In this article, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of both types as well as their key differences.

How does a side-by-side refrigerator work?

Side by side fridge

The fridge on one side of the refrigerator has the shelves from top to bottom, and on the opposite is the shelving. This is a simple, elegant design.

The freezer side of the fridge is usually larger. Many people love side-by-side fridges for their modern design and asymmetrical dimensions.

The modern look of these refrigerators is perfect for the contemporary kitchen. Also, the freezer door swings very little and is small.

This small detail, such as placing the refrigerator against a jamb of a door can solve many space-planning problems. In small spaces. Storage space is provided by side-by-side shelving.

French-door fridges offer 20% less space than side-byside. The freezer space is larger, so you can store more. The refrigerated space is reduced by 25%.

If you prefer an indoor water dispenser or the convenience that comes with it, then a side-by-side refrigerator may not be right for you. This is the perfect refrigerator for freezing large amounts of food and leftovers.

The back of the drawer is difficult to access because the majority of parts are below waist height.

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Pros and cons of side-by-side refrigerators

Side-by-side fridges are very popular among home owners. They are popular because of their classic and sleek design.

The slim design is a popular choice. These can be placed in small or large kitchens. The space they offer is also impressive.

The shelves offer a greater freezer capacity than French-door refrigerators. The top-to bottom shelving makes it easier to store frozen food.

The shelves on both sides are easily accessible. You don’t need to bend over or dig in stacks to find the food you want.

On the side of the door, you can place larger containers such as soda bottles and liters.

The side-by-side fridges are perfect for people who do not have much space. The shelves of this fridge are easily accessible for people who find it difficult to reach.

They are perfect for people who want to save space. This is not the right choice for people who use large containers and produce large amounts of food.

The additional space in these fridges can limit your ability to store fresh foods.

French Door Refrigerators?

French door refrigerators

French-door refrigerators have been popular since 1990. Modern kitchens still choose them.

The French style door on a refrigerator looks like the French doors in houses. The double doors open in the middle to allow for ample storage and freezer space.

French-door refrigerators with water and ice dispensers built in are the most expensive. Some have touchscreens and intelligent hubs. The elegance of these fridges makes them appealing.

The sleek, modern design of these fridges makes them ideal for both traditional and contemporary kitchens. These refrigerators have a minimum height of waist. It is easy to reach the items at the rear of the refrigerator because the design allows for this. It’s great that the shelf is large and wide.

Ideal for storing a large platter or turkey. Fresh foods are ideal. It is the freezer that’s the biggest drawback.

The freezer space in a side-byside refrigerator will be smaller. There are now many “Flexifridges” available for French door designs. The clever design allows parts to be customized and switched between freezers or refrigerators depending on user requirements.

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French Door Refrigerators: Pros and Cons

French-door refrigerators are very popular. Homeowners love them. It is. They are. Modern designs often feature stainless steel finishes.

The modern design of these fridges will enhance the look and feel of any kitchen. These fridges are large enough to hold larger items.

A French door fridge can store large party trays and brownie pans. If you are a frequent host of dinner parties, a French-door refrigerator will be the right choice.

The open shelving allows you to easily locate your food, and reduces waste. The thoughtfully designed fridge allows you to customize the shelf height according to your requirements. Doors can be used to reach interesting areas (such as the doors for storing condiments or drinks).

This fridge is ideal for large families or people who need to have easy access to fresh food and serving plates. The fridge is perfect for people with large families, or those who want to be able to easily access fresh food.

It is clear that French-door refrigerators offer many benefits. Before you purchase, be sure to consider some of the disadvantages. First, the price.

The price of these premium options is high. They are not affordable for everyone. The doors of these fridges are narrow, making it hard to store larger beverage bottles. It is difficult to access the bottom drawer.

This section will be more difficult to access if you frequently eat frozen food. This section of the fridge does not have as sophisticated a shelving system as its main part.

How do French door refrigerators differ from side-by-side models?

Every household needs a fridge. When shopping for a fridge, you need to consider a few factors.

French-door and side-by side refrigerators have become two of the top choices. What’s the difference between them? Take a look at the differences between each.

The Appearance

The freezer location of side-byside and French doors is very different. French door fridges usually come with at least one lower-freezer area. This can be used for freezing delicious frozen lasagna and other items that need to be cooked.

Some models come with drawers which can be opened to switch the refrigerator’s temperature from frozen to cold. The vertical freezer is located in the side-by-side fridges. They also have shelves for both.

Color is a visual difference. Both types of refrigerators are available in white, stainless steel, and black. French-door models are popular, and they can also be purchased in other finishes such as slate 1, black stainless steel or bisque.

Storage and Usability

French-door refrigerators provide flexibility and plenty of storage. The vertical separator is not needed to store large items such as pizza boxes and party trays. Extra drawers and bins can be used to organize fresh produce.

Use items instead of letting them waste.

You can easily access your everyday needs with this fridge. You may also have issues with your freezer.

It is difficult to locate the products in this drawer because they are all stacked up on top of each other. The freezers are at eye-level and the shelves allow for easier access.


You should hire an expert to install your fridge. Installing a fridge involves connecting water, adjusting or leveling the doors and removing all packaging materials.

Installing both refrigerators will cost you approximately $150.

If your model comes with a dispenser of water or an ice machine, you will need a special water line. Installation of the line costs approximately $140.

The installation cost is the same for both types, but prices are different. You can spend between $1000 and $3000 on a French door fridge depending on the model.

The price also depends on the features, such as touch screens, carbon water filters, etc. Installing a 24-cubic foot stainless steel French-door refrigerator can cost between $1000 to $3000.

They are also cheaper. These fridges cost anywhere between 600 dollars and under 2500. Consider the installation costs and other expenses, such as adding an extra water line.

The type of product that you select will depend on your personal tastes and budget.

Energy Efficiency

French-door refrigerators have a more energy efficient design. The entire fridge does not have to be cooled down because you can only open one side. The French-side refrigerator uses less energy than the side-by side model to maintain its temperature.

Issues that are bent

French-door refrigerators have a bottom freezer. Obeying existing health problems can be made worse by bending down to get at the freezer. Even for people without problems, this can be painful. The side-by-side fridges make it easy to access the freezer and refrigerator.

French Door or Side by Side?

All depends on your preferences and individual needs.

Check out the characteristics of both side-byside and French-door fridges to make your decision.

Select a French Door Fridge in the following cases:

  • Want to raise the value of your property?
  • It is more efficient to store and prepare fresh ingredients and products than freeze them.
  • Choose between traditional and modern.

A side-byside refrigerator is available if you:

  • You can have a modern kitchen.
  • You need plenty of space to store your bins.
  • It is convenient to prepare food in large quantities and then freeze the leftovers.
  • You guys are essential for overall storage capacity.
  • It is difficult to design your kitchen.
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