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15 Beach Cottage Decor Ideas Full of Coastal Charm

Coastal Home Decor: Tips, Inspirations, and Ideas

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  • You are now ready to embrace the coastal lifestyle! Inhale the sea air and enjoy the beautiful sunsets. You should make your seaside house a peaceful and inviting space, where you can relax, unwind and enjoy life.

Do you want to invest in coastal style house? Living near the coast has many benefits, including fresh air and salty breezes, beautiful sunsets, and beach walks. If you want to recreate that feeling in your own home, coastal style may be the way to go.

You can adopt the coastal aesthetic, whether you are living on the coast or in another part of the country. Just make sure you choose your decor carefully. Coastal house living is characterized by its timeless appeal, effortless sophistication and bright, open spaces. These tips will help you transform any room into a relaxing oasis, even for just a weekend getaway!

DIY Projects in Coastal House Style

It’s not necessary to break the bank in order to bring coastal style into your home. You can DIY your way to a coastal look while still staying within your budget.

Up-cycling nautical and salvaged items like driftwood from the beach is a great place to begin. It will give your home a rustic, coastal feel. Use them to decorate or incorporate them into your furniture.

You can easily and affordably bring coastal decor into your home if you are a creative person. Make shell windchimes out of clay or make sandcastles for decor. You can add a touch of beach to your house by painting mason jars blue, or even adding splotches on vases.

If you want to personalize your windows with sea-inspired colors, textures, patterns and designs, then custom draperies and window treatments are the perfect way to do it. The possibilities are limitless! From vibrantly colored curtains, to those made of fishnet — the options are virtually endless.

Coastal Decor Ideas

You have a wide range of coastal-style home decor options to choose from. Accessories with ocean and beach themes are a great way to create a relaxed, beachy atmosphere. You can choose to go subtle with a couple of coral bookends, a shell dish, or all-out and use surfboards, ropes, or other items. After all, your home should reflect your personal style.

Color is another thing to think about. Colors like light creams and whites create a space with a beachy feel. The palette works well with wood textures, rattan furnishings and fabrics like linen or burlap. Seagrass and jute rugs can give your room a new dimension, without overwhelming it.

Don’t forget about adding life to your home! When it comes to creating an organic look, house plants work well because they also add color. You can add a tropical touch to your home by placing potted plants in various places around the house. Or, you could hang pothos ivy and string of pearls from macrame planters.

You can create a coastal-inspired atmosphere in your home by choosing the right colours and adding natural textures and elements. It will feel as if you are on vacation every day!

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Clean the coast with these tips and tricks

It is important to keep your beach house looking new and sparkling all year long. These tips will help you keep your home in top condition.

Cleaning products that are eco-friendly

Sustainability is the key to beach cleanliness. Eco-friendly products are safer and easier for the environment. Investing in environmentally-friendly products helps you save money in the long run–they don’t contain harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach. Choose a biodegradable, natural option to clean your surfaces.

Indoor and outdoor surface care

Your coastal home’s interior and exterior surfaces require just as much care as the rest of it. Every few months, you’ll want to use eco-friendly cleaners or soaps to wash outdoor surfaces such as decks or patios that are made of wood or vinyl. Re-sealing outdoor surfaces is also important to prevent them from being damaged by weather.

Check out our guide to properly cleaning each type of surface!

Cleaning and Maintenance for the Season

As with any part of the house, your coastal home also needs seasonal maintenance. Checking windows, shutters and roofing systems for damage is important (especially during stormy season) as well. Ensure that you also check your roofing system.

Selecting Furniture for a Coastal House Style

You want furniture that fits the style of coastal living–comfortable and casual pieces that add to the feel and look of the space. Consider inviting seating that is perfect for relaxing at the end of a day on the beach.

Combining beach, cottage and styles will help you create a stunning coastal look. Furniture comes in many different styles, but these are some basic ideas to get you started:

  • Wicker is a staple of any beach house. You can easily find wicker sofas, chairs, tables and loveseats.
  • Add rustic charm to your home with furniture made of wood with beautiful grain patterns. Find a piece that makes a bold statement, such as an accent chair or a chest of drawers.
  • Whitewashed Pieces–whitewashed furnishings will instantly soften your room and give it a more airy feeling. Whitewashed chairs or tables will give your home a cottage feel.
  • Bring in a subtle shade of blue or white to create a nautical style that is reminiscent of sailing ships. Adirondack chair are ideal for this!

These furniture ideas will help you create the ideal coastal home style.

The Best Coastal Appliances for Your Space

It’s only natural that the kitchen would be the focal point of any coastal-style home. You should therefore focus your attention on choosing the best appliances for it. It’s more than just practicality. The right devices will help set the mood for your home. These are some ideas for balancing function and style.

Modern and energy-efficient options

Going green is all about energy efficiency. You can now find stylish, efficient appliances for your coastal house that don’t sacrifice style. Replace your old induction stovetop with an elegant, sleek one. Or upgrade your refrigerator to an energy-star rated model.

The essential kitchen appliances to have for a seaside lifestyle

Even though a new set of appliances for the kitchen may not fit into your budget, you should still have a few essentials in order to make life easier in coastal homes. If you enjoy cooking seafood, for example, an oyster-shucking tool and steamer will make your life in the kitchen easier.

Combining functionality and style

Consider appliance models that are specifically made for small spaces. These could be ovens with a double-capacity or even features such as built-in pizza stones or grills. They will offer you great flexibility for cooking at home and also complement your beach-style kitchen.

Organizing Your Coastal House

To make the most out of your living space, it is important to be organized when designing your coastal style home. If you live in a spacious beachfront home or an apartment close to the bay, creative storage solutions will maximize your space.

These clever ideas will help you to store your things more efficiently.

  1. Keep things off the ground by using furniture that has built-in shelves and drawers.
  2. When you want extra shelves, hang things on the wall
  3. Separate items with clear containers and dividers to make it easier to pick them up when needed
  4. Store things you rarely use in baskets and bins in your cabinets or closets.
  5. Add additional hooks and racks to your organization tools wherever they are needed
  6. Furniture with hidden storage such as sofas and ottomans that have secret compartments, or lids on the ottomans is a good choice.
  7. Consider a piece that can serve multiple purposes, like an ottoman with a bed pullout for guests.

When you incorporate these design strategies in your home, your coastal home will be beautiful and well-organized!

The Coastal Upgrades and Renovations

You can renovate or upgrade your coastal house without having to break the bank.

Enhancing Coastal Charm

The first and most important way to add coastal charm to your house is by landscaping it carefully. Outdoor living areas can be created with seating and a firepit. Create outdoor spaces with native trees and plants to attract wildlife. They also provide shade and a place for outdoor activities.

Renovating your home to increase its value and appeal

Upgraded kitchen appliances and light fixtures are great ways to give your house an immediate boost of appeal. Add natural materials such as wood floors or stone counters for a stylish touch.

Improve Your Look for Less Money

It’s easy to create a coastal look in your home by painting the walls warm, beach-inspired colors or adding accessories like pillows, throws, area rugs and curtains that have a nautical feel.

Coastal House Design Inspiration

It is important to create a home that feels light, spacious, and relaxing. These are some great ideas to bring this style into your own home.

Living spaces that are open and spacious

The open-plan design of living spaces creates a spacious, airy atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation. Open-plan living areas create a relaxing atmosphere. Think white walls and cabinets with plenty of wood accents. To give an open-plan space a coastal feel, add lots of natural elements, such as driftwood or seashells.

Bedrooms that are calm and serene

Think of calming colors like soft blues and greens with whites and natural materials such as rattan and jute. Hanging pendants and wall sconces can add a subtle twinkling lighting to your bedroom. It’s the perfect way to relax after a busy day.

Enjoy entertaining in the outdoors with outdoor living spaces

To enjoy life on the coast, you need to create an outdoor area that can be used all year round. Add fire pits, fairy lights and plenty of cushions to your space. Don’t forget to add the finishing touches, such as beach umbrellas or wind chimes, so that your outdoor space is truly memorable!

Cost Guide to Coastal House Style living

Changes to coastal-style homes can bring rewards, but they can also increase costs. Here are some budgeting tips to help you stay on track.

Cost estimation for renovations and remodeling

When remodeling your home in a coastal style, you must consider many factors. This could involve structural changes such as raising the ceilings or building an outside deck. It may also include changing the flooring and windows. You should always get estimates from different contractors before you commit to any major projects.

How to budget for furnishings and decor

Furniture and decor are essential when creating a coastal-style house. Budgeting for the coastal house-style transformation will be essential. You can do some research on the internet to get an idea of how much you will need to spend to outfit each room in pieces that suit your coastal aesthetic. When shopping, read customer reviews and make use of any available discounts.

Save on Appliances and Energy Costs

Consider investing in appliances that have higher ratings for energy efficiency. You can also make eco-friendly improvements, like using LEDs instead of conventional bulbs in your lighting fixtures. Solar panels are also a great way to save on your electricity bill and help the environment.

The conclusion of the article is:

You are now ready to embrace the coastal lifestyle! Inhale the sea air and enjoy the beautiful sunsets. You should make your seaside house a peaceful and inviting space, where you can relax, unwind and enjoy life.

Each aspect of your coastal home is important for comfort, style and taste. You can create an oasis that captures the strength and softness of beach life by introducing elements like driftwood, linen, and shells into your rooms. No matter how big or small your house is, choosing pieces that are reminiscent of the colors found on beaches will create a vacation-like atmosphere with shades that complement sand and water.

What are you still waiting for? Start planning your ideal beachfront escape today!

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