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The Essential Restaurant Kitchen Equipment List

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  • This is only possible if your appliances are in good working order. The above mentioned kitchen equipment may seem expensive but they are usually one-time purchases that last a long time. Start your restaurant off with a bang.

Are you launching a restaurant? It’s a lot to do and every restaurant is different. Making a list of kitchen equipment is the most important part of planning a restaurant. It will reveal your needs to assist your chef team in preparing, cooking, baking and offering delicious cuisines.

A restaurant cannot function properly and make profits in the long run without proper planning. To help you sort out this issue, we have compiled a list that includes the primary supplies for restaurants and what you should consider when purchasing these items.

A Checklist for Your Ultimate Kitchen!

Ovens – Each restaurant has its own needs and is unique. Choosing the right oven for your establishment should be a priority. Commercial ovens are capable of a great deal, including warming soups and preparing mouth-watering dishes.

A restaurant’s kitchen is a busy place, with many tasks running at once. An oven that doesn’t work well will cause chaos. A convection-oven is a must for any restaurant that also bakes. A convection-oven is different from other ovens in that it has an exhaust system as well as a fan which covers the food with hot air. Convection Ovens are multi-purpose appliances that allow you to roast, toast and bake at the same time.

Choose from the following types of ovens for your restaurant.

  • Pizza ovens
  • Conveyor oven
  • Convection ovens
  • Combine oven

Commercial Ranges- Each commercial range is required to have multiple functions in any restaurant. Commercial ranges are kitchen appliances that include a cooking area with induction, gas or both. This allows chefs to cook using different methods on a single piece of equipment. The range consists of a top and base.

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A new cooking range is recommended for restaurant use. It should not be rusted. Second-hand kitchen ranges are not recommended as prolonged usage can cause corrosion.

Before buying a range, you should decide whether it will be electric or gas. Gas ranges are popular because they can regulate temperature perfectly.

Blenders- Blenders are essential for any kitchen. You will have to make large batches of sauces and dough at regular intervals, especially if you are baking or making bread. You will have to take time to do basic tasks such as kneading dough or preparing sauces for pizzas without a powerful mixer. The spiral mixers can prepare up to 60 lbs of dough in one go and spin at a faster speed.

Slicing Tools- These are essential kitchen tools that slice up food items like fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. This tool ensures a consistent slicing, and provides equally proportioned servings.

Large chunks of vegetables can be unappealing and make customers unhappy. Uneven slices also hinder the cooking process, because one side takes longer to cook, and by that time, the other is overcooked. Consider purchasing meat and vegetable slicers to avoid such chaos.

Extinguisher – There is always a risk of fire in a commercial cooking environment, as there are multiple pieces of equipment running simultaneously. A fire extinguisher is your first defense when a fire breaks out.

The kitchen is equipped with fire suppression systems of various sizes. Include a fire-extinguisher in your kitchen to protect your staff and your business.

Fridges and Freezers- A proper fridge unit is essential for any restaurant. It is crucial to choose the correct one for your kitchen in order to optimize its efficiency. Restaurant freezers, reach-in refrigerators and walk-in fridges are the most popular refrigeration units.

The right refrigerator will help you store perishables and also save time when preparing meals. A top-quality freezer or one that is branded will also maintain the food’s quality and help prevent it from rotting. If your store does not sell frozen foods, you can use a reach in freezer.

Racks and shelves for storage- A suitable shelving system is needed to store non-perishable as well as perishable materials. Once you organize your storing shelves, the kitchen will run smoothly.

It is important that the shelves are practical, and provide a clean environment where food, serving dishes, ingredients and other items can be stored. Search for used shelves but be sure to inspect the materials before buying.

Supplies for commercial restaurants- Each restaurant requires a variety of products to run smoothly. Below are some basic supplies for the kitchen:

  • Cutting board
  • Measure cups and spoons
  • Colander
  • Mixing Bowls
  • Oven mitts
  • Ladle
  • Spatula
  • Food processor
  • Grater
  • Bread & paring knife
  • Containers for food storage
  • Skillet

A restaurant’s kitchen is its heart, and the restaurant supply industry plays a vital role in a successful kitchen. Every diner is looking for their food to arrive faster. This is only possible if your appliances are in good working order. The above mentioned kitchen equipment may seem expensive but they are usually one-time purchases that last a long time. Start your restaurant off with a bang.

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