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8 Amazing Free Home Interior Design Tools to Transform Your Home

By August
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It is easier than ever to redesign your space online, and to communicate with your customers your skills and expertise. Apps for interior design can be very useful if you are new to the market of interior design and you want to showcase your designs, such as kitchen remodeling or bedroom upgrades, to potential clients.

Apps for home designers don’t require a lot of learning. You can quickly learn how to use them. Most of these apps are free. Home designer apps are computerized tools that help interior designers, homeowners and professionals in the interior design industry to redesign their home virtually, in real-time. Interior design apps are available with unlimited options and simplifying the entire process.

The article below will help you choose the right design software for your home business. Let’s get started!

What Are the Benefits of Interior Design Apps?

Interior design is not an exception. You could lose potential clients if you do not keep up with current trends. The ability to demonstrate in real time the effects of remodeling and renovations without having to move furniture, or even before work starts, is a major benefit. Interior design apps can save you time, money and resources.

Home designer apps allow you to create floor plans, select colors, rearrange furniture and assemble items. You can also estimate remodeling costs. These apps are very powerful, and they eliminate guesswork.

Let’s look at the 8 best free options available to you.

free online interior design room planner tools - 8 Amazing Free Home Interior Design Tools to Transform Your Home

The Best Design Tools and Apps for Free


Floorplanner can be used to create floor plans in 2D or 3D. This app is ideal for interior designers and educators, as well as personal use. The app allows you to decorate your room with its more than 150,000 items. You can also share it online or create high-quality images.

There are 5 levels of project. The levels are characterized by more advanced features and better export quality. Credits are required to unlock projects. You can choose from a variety of pricing options and subscribe to a special offer where you get discounted prepaid credits.

The Key Features

  • Space planning solutions that are flexible and simple to use.
  • Exports of high-quality products are readily available.
  • You can integrate it with your existing website.
  • Compatible with browsers, laptops and tablets
  • Room Wizard provides step-by-step instructions.
  • Upload a plan to start your project.


SketchUp allows you to create, collaborate and improve buildings. You don’t have to download the program because it only runs in your web browser. The software also comes with detailed documentation, as well as peer support to assist you in learning the basic functions of the program and drawing 3D models.

SketchUp is also equipped with hundreds of professionally-developed extensions that simplify the design process and enables you to communicate on the go. This powerful tool has cloud-based storage and sharing features.

The Key Features

  • This is a web-based application that does not require download.
  • You can use it for personal and free.
  • You can access user-generated and manufacturer-produced models from the 3D Warehouse.
  • View 3D models using your smartphone
  • File types supported include SKP (Simplified Image Format), JPG (JPG), PNG and STL.

Plan 5D

planner 5D allows you to design your home in 3 easy steps. Use the 2D design to first create a layout with items and furniture. Add colors, patterns and materials to items and furniture to create an unique space. Download the screenshots to share with clients and interior designers.

It is very easy to use, and does not require any technical knowledge. It is easy to design with the intuitive interface. You can get some ideas from the growing user community.

The Key Features

  • The project catalogue contains 5000+ products.
  • You can edit and customize designs in both 2D and 3-dimensional modes.
  • Interface that is easy to understand and use.
  • Colors, patterns and materials can be applied to furniture and walls.
  • Use existing projects, or create a new one.

Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D ranks among the top apps for interior designing. You can easily create floorplans, rearrange furniture and arrange other items. The final design is then displayed in 3D. The software is available for download or you can use it in your browser.

You can design the project using 2D, and then view it simultaneously in 3D to assess and navigate the room from all angles and edit accordingly. By controlling sunlight effects and customizing lighting, you can create photos and videos that are photorealistic.

The Key Features

  • You can add furniture, walls, patterns, and colors to blueprints.
  • You can add walls, furniture, windows, doors and more from our product catalogue.
  • Walls and furniture can be decorated with color, texture and size.
  • You can export and print PDFs as well as bitmap or vector graphics.
  • Annotating the plan is also possible with a compass and direction lines. You can add text or arrows.


Cedreo allows you to create and render an entire house within 2 hours. It is simple to use, and is essential for interior designers to increase their sales and reduce the closing time.

In just three steps, you can design a stunning house. You can create stunning home designs in just 3 steps. This is an easy-to-use, powerful tool that interior designers can use.

The Key Features

  • Existing floor plans can be imported and customized.
  • Add roofing automatically and customise it.
  • There are 7000+ products and product groups available.
  • Both interior and exterior designs can be visualized.
  • Select wall openings in a large library.


Roomeon allows you to design your home in real time using its drag and drop functionality. This app is available for free and allows you to design stunning homes using intelligent rendering. This feature allows you to create photo-realistic designs by removing the gloss when you move fast. This feature reduces loading times and simplifies the design process.

You can control the light and shadows with this integrated 3D light feature.

The Key Features

  • The height, width, thickness and size of your walls can be adjusted.
  • It is possible to draw floorplans, and add background images.
  • You can choose pre-made templates.
  • You can view your room from all sides: top view, free view and person view.
  • Catalogue of real products with specifications.
  • Drag the products you want to use from the catalogue onto the frame.

Roomstyler 3D

roomstyler 3D allows you to redecorate your house in just a few minutes. Choose from pre-made floor plans or design your own. View popular designs created by others. You can view videos and documentation.

The Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop functionality.
  • You can redecorate your home with real-life products.
  • Interface is intuitive and simple to use.
  • Furniture and other objects can be rearranged according to their color, size and location.
  • You can learn by using shortcuts and tutorials.


DreamPlan allows you to create your ideal home and visualise it in a 3D realistic model. You can design not only your home, but also landscapes, outsides and rooms. You can choose from 2D, rendering, 2D and 3D modes.

You can also add trees and plants to your landscape design. Reshape the land and include a pool. Your 2D floor plan can be enhanced with colors, textures and blueprint symbols.

The Key Features

  • Design and customize your own website with ease.
  • Import 3DS models, PLY, STL and 3D Models
  • The product gallery allows you to mix and match furniture.
  • Add color and texture to the lighting.
  • Views in 3D, rendered views, and 2D blue print view.
  • It is possible to design interiors and exteriors as well as landscapes, pools, decks patios, gardens.

The conclusion of the article is:

That’s it for the 8 best free interior design apps (in our humble opinions). The apps listed above all have features that make interior design easier and renders images in a matter of hours. The final decision will depend on what you need and want. Selection criteria includes multiple views, paid or free subscriptions, a large product library and an easy learning curve.
GoodJuJu can provide you with more information. Our marketing agency helps interior designers , and property managers to improve their reputations and gain organic leads by keeping up with the latest trends and tools. This article is hoped to be helpful!

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