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Interior Designers: Avoid These 13 Common Decorating Errors

By August
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  • After a tiring and long day at work, you can relax in a beautiful home. Interior designers help you to design and decorate your home. 

Interior design is a difficult job. To be a successful interior designer, you must have a creative mind, knowledge and vigor for the future. Even seasoned experts can make dumb mistakes. If you want to be an interior designer or simply have a successful career, then avoid the mistakes that most interior designers make.

This post outlines common mistakes, and how they can be corrected. If you’d like to know more, visit my blog on simple home decor tips. Most interior designers made these decorating mistakes and have learned from them. My home decor is based on my graphic design experience. I’ve applied color theory, design theory and other essentials from the field to it. Read Eco Friendly Apartment Decorating Ideas for more ideas.

Disregarding the client’s preference

Interior designers are usually specialists with years of experience decorating different types of homes. Your own tastes and preferences are important to you. On the other hand, each customer has his or her own preferences. Customers’ preferences should be given priority by interior designers. Your customer won’t be happy if you ignore the preferences for color and flavors of your customers. During the decorating process, it is important to always consider and prioritize client choices.

Common interior design mistake fixes by Theresa G - Interior Designers: Avoid These 13 Common Decorating Errors

Decor that is cluttered

Everyone loves a big house. It’s not ideal to have a house so crowded with furnishings and decorations that it is impossible to walk or open doors. Designers should consider the size of the house before choosing furniture and other home accessories. Consult your customer again.

Too Many Bright Colors

It is up to you as an individual whether or not your home and office are decorated by interior designers. The right color combinations are crucial. Colors can be chosen by people who like bright, light or drab colors.

You could make the house too bright by adding unwanted or unneeded luminosity. Your clients may even need to wear sunglasses in the house. Colors should depend on house location, external lighting and light.

The Ceiling

The ceiling often gets overlooked in interior designs. Walls, drapes, furniture, etc. are usually covered. Ceilings are the main housing component and therefore should be beautifully decorated. It doesn’t matter if your client chooses a POP model or another one, the ceiling should still be decorated to look appealing.

Displaying only Prowess

Your customer may not appreciate a mobel or any other item placed in the house just for show or to improve its beauty. Beauty and functionality are important to people today. Imagine a beautiful coffee table that has several layers of designer decor, but cannot be used as a place to store books. A less-decorated coffee table, while it may look ugly, could provide you with more storage space. Interior designers must consider the practicality of furniture and accessories when designing a house.

Too low drapes

The decoration of your house will be low if you are taller than the average. If you hang curtains too low, they will make your windows and ceilings appear smaller. My blog will explain how to properly hang clothes and show you how you can solve the problem by hanging curtains higher.

Forgetting Storage Buildings to Store Extra Storage

People need extra space for old or unused items. Multi-story storage facilities are ideal for additional storage. Modern storage buildings offer a variety of features that are affordable and attractive, while also being technologically advanced. Read more about Multi-Story Self Storage

Selecting the wrong furniture size

Interior designers make a lot of mistakes when it comes to choosing furniture. Your room will feel out-of-scale if you select furniture that is too large or small for the location. You can fix this by measuring your space before choosing your furniture. To check if your furniture fits, you can draw a plan for your room and make miniatures on paper or the computer.

Excessive Accessorizing

It’s my tendency to put too many things in one space. This confuses the room and makes it look bad. You can solve the problem by taking a picture of your room and removing anything that you don’t think fits with your decor or creates confusion. It is helpful to me for various reasons that I take photos of my space.

Do not purchase timeless neutral pieces

Simple home decor items are a good investment. If you own a large sofa or expensive linens, you can save money by choosing a neutral colour, like white or offwhite. They can be used for many years and will go with any color or decor trend.

Hanging your Artwork at the Incorrect Height

The wrong way to hang paintings is a common mistake in home decor. Your art should be about 5 feet above the ground at the center of your piece. Height of gallery wall Most people hang their artwork too high or low and it throws your room out of scale. If you’re about five and a half metres from the ground, the middle part of the artwork will seem to be a great height. The artwork is visible and can be displayed as an extra decoration.

Inappropriate color combinations

Use of wrong colors can be one of the biggest mistakes made by home decorators. Colors that clash do not work. In my next post on color theory, I’ll explain how to match colors together using a color scheme that is contrasting and an expert color scheme.

Decorated by Someone Else

It’s smart to keep up with home decor trends if you are making house décor for others and not yourself. If you are decorating your home for yourself and your family then you should decorate it in a way that is comfortable and functional. No matter the trends, what your friends are doing, or even what you read on other websites, don’t let anything influence how you decorate. Use violet in your decor, regardless of whether or not it’s trendy. You can use your favorite pieces, even if they’re more rigid and formal. You should be represented in your own home. Beautify yourself.

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